Update: JCCreCaptcha 2.01b

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On 2.01b release, some environments don't to got to setup the module, getting the message "Error! Could not find a Joomla! XML setup file in the package.", even that to try it.




I believe that was the change of the module XML code to "utf-8".



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ZIP with the extensions JCCreCaptcha and JCCreCaptchaPlacer. Unzip before install!





Upgrade: JCCreCaptcha 2.0b
Article that have the module's original download and explainations to its use.



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Júlio Oliveira
Júlio Oliveira is System Analyst with lato-sensu degree in Software Project Management by PUC/Rio. He have experience of 20 years in enterprise software development, of which 10 years, working on national and international insurance companies, currently, he is TI consultant and website developer.


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Comments (4)
4 Thursday, 21 January 2010 14:13
Zoltan Varanka
Olá de Hungria!

Obrigado por este plugin, está a funcionar bem. Unico problema é que olvida dos datos escritos em caso do mau código de captcha.
3 Thursday, 10 December 2009 22:02
Not showing reCaptcha if no Form ItemID on page
for some reasons i had to publish module everywhere on the site (all). So i came upon this problem. It started to show the reCaptcha at the bottom of the page everywhere where there was no Form ItemID defined to show it. so i did this

Just before this line:

function jccreCaptchaPlacer()

in mod_jccrecaptchaplacer.php

i added:

function objShow()
if (document.getElementById (reCaptchaPlace.relativeItem) != null)
objHide = $('jccrecaptchaPlacer');

and changed line 145 in jccrecaptcha.php (plugin file) from:

echo "jccreCaptchaPlacer();";


echo "objShow();";

So now module doesnt show if theres no Form ItemID you entered in backend of module and can be published for all.

I think smth like this should be integrated into next version.

Works on FF, Opera, Chrome, IE 7 (not fully tested) and sometimes it works on IE8.

I hope you'll have some use :)


*** Admin's answer - 12/16/2009 22:44 ***
It's certainly a good work!

2 Thursday, 03 December 2009 04:02

I'm using module to publish plugin and everything works fine until someone logs on then it starts to show up at bottom of the page.

I've done everything like in instructions except i had to publish module for all because my registration form is visible everywhere on the page (using ajax to show the form).

I guess the problem is that module begins to be visible when there is no Form item ID to be published in.

Is there any solution to this problem?
1 Tuesday, 17 November 2009 16:49
Hello Júlio Oliveira
To update your plug-JCCreCaptcha2.01b and now I can not get it to work.
I do not understand string List of components and tasks of components that have to be protected by reCaptcha. It's sintax is (ComponentName), (Task) [; ...] can give an example of com_contact. My email *****@*****.***.

*** Admin Answer 11/18/2009 at 06:19am - Rio de Janeiro ***
Hi ArtGPA,

Follow the requested sample:



com_contact = Internal component name for core Joomla Contact;
register = The task name for the send of a contact.

Note: They have to be comma separated and without spaces.


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