JCC Multilanguage Support Pack

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What it is ?


It is a pack with four Joomla 1.5 native extensions that I develop to help on create, deliver and maintain content in several languanges in the same Joomla site.





Before to put hands-on, I looked for Joomla 1.5 extensions that could do the job. I see good options, but, many this relied on hacks (direct changes over the Joomla core code) or proprietary engines to support multilanguages on a Joomla site. No objections to creative solutions, but I wouldn't like to have a unhappy experience with a extension that could cause damages to the my instalation core. By the same way, i would like if the translated content were independent from the extension where it was created, so, I put my hands-on to develop a solution 100% relied over Joomla 1.5 standard extension engine. Other goal were that content wrote, could be reused on site even through I needed to remove that extension. Then born the JCC Multilanguage Support Pack.



How it work ?


In the pack, we have the following extensions:


- com_JCCMultilanguageContent;

- mod_JCCMultilangSelector;

- plg_ContentJCCMultilangSave;

- plg_SystemJCCMultilangSwap;


All extensions are needed, installed and enabled. Each one have a well defined rule on problem solution, but its work is very simple and can be explained in 7 steps:


1) Install each pack extension and enable both plugins. Special attention to the plg_SystemJCCMultilangSwap plugin, that must be setuped to be the FIRST plugin to run:


Propriedades do plg_SystemMultilangSwap


2) Go to “Article Manager” interface to define the language for each article, through “Content Language” atribute, on section “Parameters (Advanced)”, of article properties:


Propriedades do Artigo


Obs.: This step need to be done even for the articles wich content language already setted, before the installation of the extensions. In this case, You will only open the article, to check the language and to save the article.


3) Open the “Multilanguage Article Manager” interface, through the “JCC Multilanguage Content” command, on “Componentes” menu:


Comando JCC Multilanguage Content


Notice that its interface is identical to the “Article Manager” interface, except by two new controls:


Controles de Idioma


First, we have a field through that we can filter the showed articles by language. The language on its list where loaded in conformation with the language packs installed on Joomla. Second, each article have little buttons with flags images in conformation with language that they represent. By that buttons we can start the editing ou creating translations for that article.


4) To create a new translation, click on the language flag desired:


Edição da Tradução


In response, will be opened the editor GUI that will have a copy of some original article atributes (like author, creation date, etc) but you will have to inform a new title and alias. The section and category change is optional.


The original text is copyed too, to help on translation.


Note that "Content Language" attribute on "Parameters (Advanced)" article parameters section already be selected like the falg button that started the translation:


Propriedades Novas


Note again that the article properties, showed on the “Multilanguage Article Manager” interface show one new attribute: “Translation Article-Base”.


This attribute register the original article, helping to establish the relation between translations of a same content.


VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT EDIT THIS FIELD, unless you know exactly what you are doing! The relation between translations of a same content is established and maintened automatically by the JCC Multilanguage Content Support extensions.


5) After to creat the convenient articles translations, go to the Main Menu editor interface and change the menu type of the default menu item:


Novos Tipos de Menu


Normally, the default menu is associated to the “Frontpage” layout. The JCC Multilanguage Content have its own layouts similar to the joomla core articles layout, as many as possible, the unique difference is the support to dynamic change of language. Only that you have to do is, change the default menu layout to the “Frontpage” layout of the JCC Multilanguage Content.


VERY IMPORTANT: On the BETA version, only two layouts come in: the “Frontpage” and “Article content” layouts.


6) Go to the “Module Manager” GUI and edit the mod_JCCMultilangSelector parameters:


Propriedades mod_JCCMultilangSelector


This module put a GUI to permit the site user to change on fly the site language.


Enable that module and place it on the template layout area more convenient to your design. The module can have its GUI constomized by the following parameters:

Module Class Suffix For the templates that support it.
Control Style

We have 3 options:

Flags - Only flags to represent languages;
Combo - Only combo with the list of languages;
Both - Flags and Combo.

Flags Width

The pack come in with the flags to pt-BR, en-GB and es-ES languages,
in four sizes.


7) Check the result on your site:


Down we have a sample, on my blog:


Exemplo pt-BR



Note the mod_JCCMultilangSelector GUI module, second mark. In this sample I choose Control Style = Both and Flags Width = 24 x 24.


Even clicking on the United Kingdom flag or selectiong the "English (United Kingdom)" option on combo, the result is:


Exemplo en-GB


Note, by marks on both images, that not only content are translated, but the template messages too.


It's work just because the extensions work integrated to the Joomla language engine. Since of language options list (only showed thats that have the language pack installed) to the on fly change of the language of the site, where are changed both: content language and the site resource language.





To my concern, five are the main positive aspects of that extension:


a) No hacks! Neither Joomla core code are changed, so, it can't to damage your installation;
b) All generated content is 100% maintened by the core Joomla content extensions;
c) Compatible with all templates and Joomla content extensions;
d) Compliant with all setups / parameters of the core Joomla content extension;
e) Compliant with all Joomla translations;
f) Unified hands site language and content language.


Buj, just because it is a beta version, Some limitation are:


a) Don't include category and sections layouts;
b) Don't have a solution to translate the menus;
c) Don't have a solution to translate the site title;


This is a ongoing work. So, it is expected future improvements.


I will use thats extensions in my sites and so, I will maintaining it ever it is needed. Anyone can to give suggestions, construtive critics and bugs report. Naturally it will not be a support service, since that software is available "as is", but I will have the maximum pleasure in to analise all ideas and – at least – reply to the interesteds.





I can anticipate that there aren't a version thar will incorporate multilanguage support to Joomla sections and categories until the release of the Joomla 1.6, just because sections and categories will have deep changes.





The software is available "as is". No warranty, or support will be provided. The software is available on the terms of GNU-GPL license. Know its terms here.


JCC Multilanguage Support Pack vs 0.5 (beta)
Archive with all JCC Multilanguage Support extensions




About the Author


Júlio Oliveira
Júlio Oliveira is System Analyst with lato-sensu degree in Software Project Management by PUC/Rio. He have experience of 20 years in enterprise software development, of which 10 years, working on national and international insurance companies, currently, he is TI consultant and website developer.


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Comments (10)
10 Thursday, 21 January 2010 03:11
Hi, Thanks for this. But ONE suggestion: Could you please put all the downloads on ONE page, I've been hopping around like mad, to get all the zips files ;-))
9 Saturday, 16 January 2010 19:45
Viva Brazil! Thanks for continuously working with this great Joomla addon!
8 Saturday, 16 January 2010 15:21
Zoltan from Hungary, Europe
This extension is the one that I am looking for. When will you solve the mentioned limitations?

Unfortunately, it is unusable without support of menus, titles, meta tags. I need to be able to develeop a fully multilingual site.

Joomla 1.5.15 is the latest version, currently.
7 Wednesday, 06 January 2010 17:53
sounds great! Keep up the good work, because JoomFish sucks!!! ;-)
6 Saturday, 02 January 2010 23:19
does it support Arabic language?


Admin Answer:

I don't know, but - since Joomla support it - the extension will support too!

5 Saturday, 05 December 2009 21:58
hello, very nice solution, but I have found 2 errors. First the language selection module go ever to the home page if I choose a language. Is there not a possibility to display the translated current page?
Second the order of the articles in the second language of the front page blog layout is ever the default order. Not the order which I have defined. In the first language the order is okay. I have used
Category Order: Order
Primary Order: Order
Multi Column Order: Down
4 Sunday, 22 November 2009 04:36
nice one, but where's the advantage/unique feature towards joomfish?
3 Wednesday, 04 November 2009 13:39
Hi! It seems it works fine on your site for Porto/Eng modes... what about other languages? I am searching for a rus/eng solution. Thanks.
2 Tuesday, 20 October 2009 07:17
hello, i am trying to use your pack for a bi-lingual portal for my univ project. however i cannot integrate languages for the front end. ok at the backend, but that i do not need. when i install other "admin" languages, it is ok they appear in the "JCC" component multilanguage filter. But "site" languages for front end do NOT appear in the drop down. When I go in the normal article manager I get all languages installed displayed in the content language drop-down. Both plugins are installed first in their respective content & system classes. Can you help me please cos your component seems to work just fine and i'm sure this is a small hitch. Thanks
Administrator's reply:
Thursday, 25 February 2010 23:05
This doesn't work I setup a contact form and copied and pasted right from this page. Not only did it not retain the fields on not entering the captcha it sent the form anyway.

What a waste.
Sunday, 10 January 2010 01:52
First, Thank you for this great mod and plugin Everything installed properly and the captcha positioned correctly in my form. I do have a problem though, I installed and included all the parameter correctly I believe but I can submit the form without including the words in captcha. The Blocked Tasks are com_contact, submit So I am pretty sure everything is correct. Do you gave any sugestions on how I might fix this?
Thank you
Tuesday, 29 December 2009 13:58
Cara, Parabéns pelo trabalho!

Instalei aki, segui seu tutorial, e funcionou!

Sou muito grato!

Parabens pela iniciativa!
Monday, 28 December 2009 20:29
Antonio, I've your same problem. how did yoou solve it?
Thank you in advance for the support. best regards,
1 Wednesday, 09 September 2009 07:48
wow, sounds very promising!

Thanks for your work, keep on rocking ;)

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